Our Fabrication Process



Determine needs, applications, and expectations.



Offer a solution that will better current processes.



For a seamless transition we’ll send prototypes for testing. 



Exceed expectations with delivery, quality, and service.

A cut above.

Our new plasma machine provides smooth and efficient cutting for all of your parts and designs. The newest addition to our OGT fabrication family can do it all—it can cut holes, copes, angles, special designs and more into tubes up to 6” rounds, 4” squares, and 2” X 4” rectangles. With this new machine, we can cut tubing up to .75” thick. With this state-of-the-art technology, we ensure high accuracy, reliability, and durability for all your project needs.

Haven Cut

Cutting that offers greater precision and value. Haven eliminates the need for a secondary de-dimple operation. It’s durable, reliable, and has the highest uptime.

Clean. Crisp. Cutting.

Cold saw cutting with minimal burring & maximum production. Our variety of cold saws can cut anything to length ranging from .5” to 4.50” diameter. Looking for this cripest, cleanest cut, this is your machine.

Bend. But never break.

Precision bending means you cut time. And cut costs. We have several tube benders for any OD or wall thickness that can bend anywhere from a .50”  up to a 3.00” diameter up to .25” thick wall. OGT tube benders eliminate welds, joints and fixtures; eliminate risk of leaks; provide a smooth and clean finish; and minimize flow restrictions

No one likes a burr. Especially us.

Our machines are your effective, efficient deburring solution. Our Burrmasters will take any burr off the inside and outside cuts on the tube and can deburr .50” to 4.50” diameter and lengths ranging from 3” up to 15’ long.

Every project is unique

Need special packaging? No problem! When you need something different, we give you the same attention to detail. Let us know how you would like your material packaged and we will make it happen.

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